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Skrillex Handcuffed in Hollywood, Tweets the Whole Thing

Uh-oh. Things aren’t looking too hot for Skrillex. He got pulled over and handcuffed in Hollywood last night!

Of course, there are two sides to every story. But Skrillex chose to air his side on Twitter, and we’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt. Apparently, he played music too loud in his car (is that a real thing?). Once he got pulled over, he didn’t have proper ID, so the cops had to cuff him.

Skrillex Arrested Handcuffed EDMInStereo.com

Sorry, man. There’s a limit on how loudly you can rock out.

Apparently he was driving his Tesla and just got too caught up in the sound system. He even tweeted to Tesla CEO Elon Musk about how great the speakers are.

“Ur system in the tesla model x is just too,” he tweeted to Elon Musk, followed by the fire emoji.

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He also added, “Leave it to me to play my music ‘too loud’ ..these new demos are,” again using the fire emoji and sending it Musk’s way.”

Read more to see the video of Skrillex getting handcuffed:

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