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Skrillex Calls Deadmau5 a Bully: ‘He’s Probably Ashamed of It’

We know deadmau5 has the habit of shooting his mouth off so that needs no introduction. The part of this story that does need some fleshing out is Skrillex‘s side of the argument against deadmau5.

Skrillex Deadmau5 Marshmello EDMInStereo.com

Deadmau5 and Skrillex have had good times and bad together.

In an interview with Complex, Skrillex finally cracked on what deadmau5 did to manage to get him angry. It all started with a bunch of finger-pointing between deadmau5 and Marshmello, who many assume to be Dotcom in disguise.

According to Marshmello, he tried to say hi to deadmau5 at Ultra, and deadmau5 just flipped him off. Deadmau5’s version of the story is that Marshmello was taunting him intentionally trying to “get a rise” out of him.

After that, deadmau5 tweeted directly at Marshmello making fun of him.

Skrillex Deadmau5 Marshmello EDMInStereo.com

That was the last straw for Skrillex.

“The only time I really got upset [with deadmau5] was when he started taking stabs at Marshmello, acting like such a f***ing bully,” he said. “Marshmello is this young kid who looks up to deadmau5, and the first tweet he gets from deadmau5 is talking shit about him. That’s when I had to stand up and be like, ‘Stop being a f***ing bully to people.'”

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