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Skrillex Accused of Stealing Cover Art for ‘Make War’

We wanted Skrillex to make his reunion with From First To Last with a bang. But we meant a good bang, not a bad one.

It started off good when Skrillex and From First To Last released their new single “Make War.” It was a fun track that was very true to From First To Last’s trademark sound. Unfortunately, the cover art for “Make War,” which features a peach wrapped in barbed wire, may be stolen.

Skrillex Make War Art EDMInStereo.com

Skrillex is caught in the middle of two peaches.

A San Francisco band called Culture Abuse called out Skrillex on social media for stealing the art from their album Peach. That album also features a peach (go figure), but instead of barbed wire, there’s a chainlink fence. Both images have a similar light pink background with the title in the same position.

Skrillex has since stated that the similarities were coincidental. He tried to send some love to Culture Abuse by using his fame to encourage people to listen to their music. Supposedly this message was up on Twitter, but there’s no sign of it now.

Maybe that will be enough to keep Culture Abuse from getting the law involved, but if they really think their work was copied, they have every right to go after Skrillex and the gang.

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