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Simon Cowell’s Ultimate DJ Show Flops

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Ummm, make that thumbs down, please.

With X-Factor viewing figures dwindling, it’s no wonder Yahoo have canned Simon Cowell’s DJ competition TV show months before it was set to air on TV. The show, named Ultimate DJ, was pitched by Cowell as the ‘X-Factor for DJs’, and promised the winner a recording contract with Sony Music. He planned to attract the “most edgy” artists to his Ultimate DJ show and Yahoo previously claimed the show would be the “World Cup of EDM” and announced it would come to life in spring 2016. This show would have given young artists the chance to get signed and show off their talents much like American Idol or X-Factor for EDM. Now the project is done unless another is it picked up by another network.

According to NME, Fatboy Slim was approached for the show, and was not thrilled with the idea, saying: “That’s the good thing about dance music; it grows organically through drunk people late at night coming up with stupid ideas. It’s not something that can be scripted or transported into a TV studio”.

Although, Tiesto have his own DJing show. Tiesto has announced Your Shot USA, an elimination-based reality game show in which 30 contestants train and compete for a chance to perform alongside the producer/DJ in Las Vegas and at Ultra Music Festival 2016. The original Your Shot show premiered on Australian television in 2010, and has famously included DJs as well as enthusiastic fans with little or no experience alike. This show is nothing more an EDM-flavored American Idol.

In this show, 30 acts are selected from thousands for the competition. Participants don’t actually have to have any turntable experience to be a part of the show. Some of the top entrants just have a good storyline, which is always the main ingredient for a good reality TV show.

After the top 30 are picked, they are given a crash course on how to DJ before performing in front of people, which of course leads to more TV-ready moments in the form of people crying after they messed up during their set, or complete joy once they and the judges provide positive feedback. From there, the contest is cut down to the Top 6 who get flown to Vegas for more training and advice from Tiesto himself before performing at Wet Republic‘s pool party. So 6 people, some who had never even used a set of CDJs until a few weeks prior, not only get a free trip to Vegas but get trained by Tiesto and play the biggest pool party in the city!? Is this fair?

Maybe the next Skrillex or Zedd is among these top 30 DJs from the show and all they need are some DJing lessons before they go off and change the game. Maybe this show will inspire someone to throw caution to the wind and focus full-time on their craft. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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