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SFX Rebrands as LiveStyle, Miraculously Gets Out of Debt

It’s about time we had a bit of good news. SFX Entertainment, which declared bankruptcy at the beginning of the year, is officially out of debt.

The company was originally behind events like Tomorrowland and Electric Zoo, but after a rough couple of years, they went bankrupt. It seemed like the end of everything for SFX, but they somehow wound up getting totally out of debt and reemerging as LiveStyle, Inc.

SFX Entertainment EDMInStereo.com LiveStyle

SFX, no more.

A new CEO has taken over as well. Randy Phillips, former head of AEG, was originally leading the search for the new CEO, but ultimately he was the best fit for the company.

Now for the sad news: LiveStyle will be leaning less heavily on EDM for their programs and focusing more on rock music. That being said, Electric Zoo and Mysteryland will still be sticking around.

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