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Porter Robinson Flat Out DISOWNED His Music

It was kind of sad when deadmau5 declared that he didn’t like his newest album. It’s borderline crazy that Porter Robinson has disowned almost all of his music.

Porter Robinson Disowns Music EDMInStereo.com

So long, old tunes!

In one simple tweet, Porter Robinson got people raising eyebrows. Surely, we’re reading it wrong? Maybe he’s being sarcastic? What the heck is going on here?

Here’s the tweet:

From the looks of it, he’s saying everything else he created is no longer being claimed as his. It’s like a parent abandoning their children.

Those hoping he was being sarcastic or just fooling around had their hopes dashed via Snapchat. Porter Robinson posted a series of messages on the social media platform sharing this message:

Don’t wanna bump that thread on twitter but because people are misunderstanding it: i am literally saying those are the only songs that i stand by. i was not being sarcastic. that was a playlist that i made to showcase the music that i feel proud of. it was not sarcasm. that tweet was 100% unprovoked by anything specific. just wanted to let you know how i feel! thank you everyone! time to get off the internet and add to that list of songs i’m proud of.

Yikes. It’s great to want to keep improving and making more tracks he can be proud of, but was it really necessary to ditch all his other music? After all, it shows his progression as an artist. Ultimately, it’s up to Porter Robinson himself, but we hope he realizes that a lot of inspiration can still be found in works in progress.

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