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Porter Robinson Bashes EDM on Twitter, Deletes Tweet

And another EDM star joins the rebellion. Lately, some of our favorite producers and DJs are coming out of their woodwork to question where the industry is going. Porter Robinson is the latest to join in.

Porter Robinson EDMInStereo.com

Screw EDM?

Porter Robinson tweeted out his disappointment at the EDM industry. However, he deleted the tweet not long after. Here’s what he said:

“There is almost nothing exciting going on in electronic music right now, and lately that’s what’s been motivating me the most.”

Porter Robinson EDMInStereo.com

Porter Robinson deleted the tweet, but screenshots are forever.

It’s kind of an interesting comment for him to make. Though he disses EDM, he also says it’s motivating him. Perhaps that means he has some epic new tracks in the works? It would be great if he used his disappointment to turn things around rather than abandoning ship.

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