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Playlist: The Evolution of Deadmau5

We’ve been talking a lot about deadmau5 lately because, believe it or not, the normally reclusive producer has actually been doing a bunch of interviews. Mostly, this is due to his new album W/:2016ALBUM being released–he does make a living off his music, after all, so it’s obviously helpful to get the news out there.

We’re not the only ones who have realized deadmau5 has had a bit more of a journalistic presence lately (he’s always on Twitter, so his internet presence never really goes away), and he’s opening up more than ever. To celebrate his newfound openness, Spotify created a career retrospective playlist for deadmau5 that’s definitely worth a listen.

Whether you’re a first time deadmau5 listener or you’ve gotten to the point where you know his music like the back of your hand, it’s pretty fun to reflect on his evolution over the years. Listen to “This Is: deadmau5” here:

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