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Playlist: Organica Travels the World with Nu & Oceanvs Orientalis

It’s a new year, which means it’s time for some resolutions and goal setting. Some people like to exercise more. Some like to break bad habits. Some aim to travel as much as possible. With Spotify’s new Organica playlist, you can travel the world via your headphones.

Inspired by folk music in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, Organica is like an adventure. Whether you envision running through a mountain village or clubbing in Colombia, this is an ideal soundscape.

Artists like Peter Power, Bedouin, Oceanvs Orientalis and Nu all show up on the playlist. There’s no mainstream EDM here–Organica ventures into uncharted territories.

Listen the the Organica Playlist here:


As exciting as this playlist is, there’s no matching attending festivals in person. If you’re still searching for a New Year’s resolution, try to hit up Secret Solstice, Middle Lands or Tomorrowland in the coming year. Not only is it guaranteed to be a blast, but you’ll also get to knock some traveling off your bucket list.

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