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Playlist: Nasty Bits is Dirty to the Core

Nasty Bits EDM Playlist Felguk EDMInStereo.com

How could we not love a playlist named “Nasty Bits?” There are so many things that phrase could mean! Is the music real gritty and hardcore? Is it all about the sexual innuendo? We had to know what was going on with this Spotify playlist, and we weren’t disappointed.

“Nasty Bits” is described as “Dirty, grinding, proper electro house filth.” Something about that description makes filth sound so good. What’s even more great about this playlist is that there are plenty of less familiar names making the cut. Sure, we spot Dillon Francis and Marshmello on the track list, but we’re also seeing people like Matroda, KDrew, Felguk and Xilent.

So don’t shower for a week, put in those earbuds, and don’t be afraid to get nasty with this “Nasty Bits” playlist–it’s all about the grime.

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