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Olympic Gold Medalist Chris Mears is a DJ? He Won’t Win Any Golds for That, Though

Everyone has at least one geeky hobby. Okay, if not geeky, then weird in someway–something you’d rather not have the whole world know about. But when you’re Olympic gold medalist Chris Mears and you post your hobby on the internet for everyone to see, it’s fair game for criticism.

Chris Mears DJ EDMInStereo.com

Chris Mears is a lean, mean diving machine.

Mears just won Britain’s very first gold medal for diving, which is obviously no small feat. So what do you do with your life if you’ve already won a gold medal? Move on to dance music, of course.

A source said, “Chris is obviously heavily invested in diving, but music is his passion.”

They must be telling the truth, because Mears has even spoken to the likes of Billboard about his hobby. Evidently, he got into music when he was recovering from an illness. “I had so much time on my hands. I bought a guitar and I started playing and picked things up really quickly,” he said.

Back in 2015, he discussed how he balanced his love of music with a little thing called training for the Olympics.

“Right now I can’t do these things [live gigs] obviously because my aim and my life’s dream as a kid was to be an Olympic medalist,” Mears stated. “So I’m still trying to make that dream come true. Doing a gig [that finishes] at 4 or 5 a.m. and then going to training is not very professional. Finding that balance is key.”

Chris Mears DJ EDMInStereo.com

Don’t quit your day job, Chris.

Now that he’s got the medal, he can put all his time towards music. The only problem? His music is getting torn apart on the internet.

Sources like Thump are panning the tracks Mears has posted online, calling it “the worst sort of twee-DM.” But to their credit, they also recognize that he’s been training obsessively and probably hasn’t had much time to mix.

Whether Chris Mears has got what it takes to be a world-class DJ or not, he’s definitely earned some me-time to explore the options.

-EDMInStereo Staff

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