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Nocturnal Wonderland Has 250+ Arrests–Too Strict Security or Too Wild a Rave?

Are San Bernardino police are really cracking down on EDM festivals, or was Nocturnal Wonderland particularly out of hand this year? Police arrested a whopping 250 people over the course of two days at Nocturnal Wonderland over the weekend, which definitely does not look good for the festival.

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Beautifully wild or just plain out of control?

Back in May, San Bernardino County officials tried to make a complete ban on raves due to them being unsafe and disturbing the peace. However, the movement eventually died out due to a lack of a quorum amongst the Board of Supervisors. This past weekend will probably cause them to shoot for a ban yet again.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, 111 people were arrested on Friday and an additional 141 people were arrested on Saturday. The reasons for the arrests were widespread, ranging from drug sales, assault, resisting arrest and indecent exposure.

There was also a DUI incident: a driver hit a cop on a motorcycle, but thankfully the cop was unharmed.

Nocturnal Wonderland Arrests EDMInStereo.com

A motorist hit a police officer on a motorcycle.

A spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Department issued a press release detailing the increase in security they had this year. According to her, over 100 police were on hand to help keep Nocturnal Wonderland under control. The cops also stressed safety, handing out pamphlets on the dangers of Ecstasy once festival-goers entered and encouraging them to stay hydrated.

Deputy Olivia Bozek said they tried to keep things friendly. “We stress to the guests we are their friends. Get friends’ help and not worry about getting arrested,” she said.

Most of the guests commented that they appreciated the heightened security. 19-year-old Martin Chang commented on the pat-downs people received as the entered the venue. “It’s pretty cool. It keeps people in check. [Otherwise] they’ll do over-the-top things,” he stated.

The scary part is that despite all these extra measures meant to keep everyone safe, there was still a massive amount of people getting in trouble at Nocturnal Wonderland.

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