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New Release: The Chainsmokers ‘Setting Fires’ Could Be the New ‘Closer’

At this point it feels like the Chainsmokers have some item of massive news or another every single week. We’re not complaining, we’re just worried we’ll start getting used to it and then one week we won’t hear from them and won’t known how to cope!

The Chainsmokers Setting Fires EDMInStereo.com

What would we do without moments like this?

This week the Chainsmokers big news comes in the form of a brand spanking new release. The duo launched a new song called “Setting Fires” featuring XYLO, and it’s already looking like it might follow the path of “Closer” in its success. “Closer” has just completed its 12th week on top the Billboard Hot 100, and Billboard thinks “Setting Fires” also has a recipe for success.

Listen to it now (or just wait to hear it on the radio because you know it’s going to be playing over and over again) here:


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