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New Release: The Chainsmokers’ ‘Paris’ is ‘Closer’ 2.0

When you’ve got a formula that works, why not stick with it? The Chainsmokers clearly hit on something big when they made “Closer,” and their new single “Paris” has even more of the good stuff.

Starring Instagram model Alexis Ren in nothing but bikinis, the new video for “Paris” has plenty of beach and booty shots. Sun and sand seem to be the theme of the song, and while it’s not breaking down any huge barriers of musical innovation, it’s plenty of fun.

The Chainsmokers Paris EDMInStereo.com

A still from ‘Paris’ with Alexis Ren.

Also reminiscent of “Closer” is the female vocals. Just as Halsey lent her pipes for The Chainsmokers’ biggest hit yet, Emily Warren has done the same. At first, there was some mystery about who provided the vocals, with some people suspecting French singer Luane. Warren isn’t credited on “Paris,” which is what led to the confusion, but she cleared things up in a recent interview.

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“They happened to be in New York and I was working on some stuff at a studio nearby, and they were like, ‘Can you please come? We’re finishing this song. It needs a little something; we don’t know what it is,'” she said. So she sang on the track, and the rest was history.

Read more to watch The Chainsmokers’ music video for “Paris”:

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