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New Release: NGHTMRE Remixes Slander’s ‘Dead’ & It is HEAVY

When it comes to getting gritty and heavy, NGHTMRE is arguably one of the best artists out there to turn to. But two artists can often be better than one, right? NGHTMRE just remixed one of Slander‘s newest tracks, and goodness is it bangin’.

NGHTMRE Slander EDMInStereo.com

NGHTMRE works the crowd.

Slander, made up of former fraternity brothers Derek Andersen and Scott Land, originally started out by DJing parties at their frat house at the University of California Irvine. Just two years later, they had created an interesting new trap sound that was unique to Orange County.

Slander and NGHTMRE have been close friends since they were both producing with Icon Collective, the production school. They first teamed up for an EP called Nuclear Bonds, and now they are teaming up again for a North American tour called Gud Vibrations.

NGHTMRE Slander EDMInStereo.com

Slander likes to play with fire.

The artists have no trouble with being possessive over their works. In fact, Slander encouraged NGHTMRE to make a remix of their song “Dead” from the EP Duality, and the outcome is pretty killer.

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NGHTMRE’s “Dead” remix holds true to their heavy sounds and intense beats. It’s a whole lot of crazy packed into one three-minute track, but it’s impossible to listen to the “Dead” remix without getting hyped up.

Lucky for us, NGHTMRE put it up for free download here, and you can also listen on Soundcloud:


The North American tour has a ton of upcoming stops, and NGHTMRE and Slander will hit up locations like Kansas City, Denver, Tulsa, Columbia, Baltimore and more. It’s pretty much guaranteed to be a good time (no Kanye West moments of storming off stage are anticipated). Get your tickets here and remember to wear heavy shoes–you’ll need them to keep your feet on the ground.

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