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New Release: Mr. Probz ‘Till You’re Loved’ Gets Galactic

The month of love may be over, but love never really goes out of style. Mr. Probz‘ newest music video delves right in to the biggest romantic feat of all: finding your soulmate.

Till You're Loved Mr. Probz EDMInStereo.com

Mr. Probz shows how spacey we all are.

The video for “Till You’re Loved” starts off simply enough, with a man going to a club. There, he sees couples all together, while he remains alone. However, when one beauty walks in, they lock eyes–clearly there’s a spark.

When he approaches her, she peels back part of his skin on his face, revealing the universe underneath. It’s a touching moment, and he clearly has the instinct to pull away from her. However, he can’t stop dwelling on the patch she revealed, and he returns to the club with her.

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That’s when things get really interesting–the more they reveal about themselves, the more stares they get from the surrounding people. However, it turns out their worlds are perfectly aligned.

Watch Mr. Probz’s video for “Till You’re Loved” here:


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