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New Release: Martin Garrix Drops ‘Scared To Be Lonely’

Artists have a way of teasing us with new releases and then making us wait. Finally, waiting for a radio edit of Martin Garrix‘s new single “Scared To Be Lonely” is about to pay off.

Martin Garrix first performed “Scared To Be Lonely” at one of his recent shows. Featuring the smoky vocals of Dua Lipa and some string elements, the new track is even better as an online streamer. Of course live performances are always fun, but hearing this song through headphones lets us really appreciate all the different layers.

Like Martin Garrix, Dua Lipa is one of the younger artists on the scene. She’s just 21 years old, and it’s a good time for Garrix to collaborate with her. She’s got a self-titled debut album due out this summer, so chances are she’s just begun to gain steam. So far, she’s released five singles, one of which (“Blow Your Mind”) charted in the United States.

From listening to it, “Scared To Be Lonely” seems like it could be her second to make the Billboard Hot 100.

Listen to a clip from Martin Garrix’s “Scared To Be Lonely” here:


Check back here because the full track will be out tomorrow!

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