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New Release: Ghastly’s ‘Spiders Symphony’ is Totally Creepy in a Good Way

There’s a reason Ghastly is called Ghastly. He excels at digging into the dark, creepy and chilling. His newest single “The Spiders Symphony” is right in that same vein.

Ghastly The Spiders Symphony EDMInStereo.com

Time to get creepy.

Using plenty of organ and synth sounds throughout the song, “The Spiders Symphony” really does manage to feel like an actual symphony. It’s intense, spooky and totally puts listeners on edge. Don’t worry–you’ll get the resolution you crave with the blasting drop.

Listen to Ghastly’s “The Spiders Symphony” here:


Ghastly has come a long way since getting started. He grew up on a goat farm in Arizona before heading out to Venice Beach, where he lived out of his car. Despite having to live meagerly and write wherever possible, he stuck to it. Now, the producer, whose real name is David Lee Crow, is killing it.

If you’re anxious to check him out live, he’s got several tour dates on the agenda. He’ll be in Arizona, Florida, Louisiana and Nevada in March. He’ll also be hitting up Spring Awakening in Chicago this June.

Get the dates here.

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