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New Release: Crywolf’s ‘Weight’ is an Acoustic Heart-Wrencher

Are more and more of our favorite EDM artists getting soft on us? Well, we can’t say we mind too much. Just after Kaskade got in touch with his sensitive side, Crywolf launched a brand new song that also gets emotional.

Crywolf, whose real name is Justin Taylor Phillips, got his start as an EDM artist. But his new song “Weight” leans more into the acoustic world.

“The process of growing as an artist is, in my opinion, a task of digging deeper and deeper into yourself,” he said in an interview with Alternative Press. “Striving to become more vulnerable and honest, with both yourself and your audience.”

Crywolf Weight EDMInStereo.com

Thanks for making us cry, Crywolf.

For him, “Weight” helped him do just that. “As I’ve been trying to open myself up more, certain songs have come out of me that simultaneously terrify and excite me with their vulnerability,” he continued. “‘Weight’ is one of those songs, one that came out of a spontaneous burst of uninhibited honesty.”

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So what does that honesty focus on? It turns out it’s a bit introspective. “It’s about the complex feeling of wanting to open up to someone, but also being terrified of giving parts of yourself away,” he said.

Listening to the song, it’s pretty easy to see what he’s describing. And unfortunately, we’ve all been there.

Take a listen to Crywolf’s “Weight” here:

If you want to catch Crywolf live, be sure to check out one of his tour dates in the upcoming months.

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