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New Release: Crywolf’s EP ‘Skeletons’ Is an Emotional Journey

About a month ago, Crywolf released a new song called “Weight.” It was an immensely emotional anthem that revealed a lot about the inner workings of his heart.

Turns out, it was pretty good preparation for what was to come on his new EP. Crywolf released Skeletons a couple days ago, and it delves into the deepest depths and highest highs.

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Even the art for ‘Skeletons’ is deep and gorgeous.

There are just seven songs, one of which is “Weight.” But by the time you finish listening to Skeletons, you feel like you’ve gone on a soul-searching journey.

The artist himself is forthright about putting himself out there. “I decided I’d rather end my life pinned down, splayed out on a dissecting table than be stored away in formaldehyde, buried with my secrets,” he said.

Listen to Crywolf’s Skeletons here:


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