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New Release: Blasterjaxx Tease EP with Piano Beauty ‘Collide’

Gone are the days of full-length records, but EPs are still going strong. Blasterjaxx just released their first track from their newest EP, and it’s making the hype even more intense.

Blasterjaxx is made up of duo Thom Jongkind and Idir Makhlaf. So far, they’ve released three EPs. The format is clearly working for them, so why not keep it going?

The pair have a new single out in anticipation of the EP XX Files. The track is called “Collide,” and it’s nothing short of addicting to listen to. It’s got catchy vocals, a bouncing beat and–obviously–an incredible drop. Not to mention, the piano breaks are pretty calming and gorgeous.

Listen to Blasterjaxx’s “Collide” here:


They’ll be releasing another single called “Black Rose” on February 27. Then, on March 10, XX Files will make its big debut. You can purchase “Collide” here.

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