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New Release: Bassnectar Drops ‘Interlock’ with EDM Duo ATLiens

Anybody make it to the ATL Family Gathering in September? If yes, you’re in for a treat. Actually, scratch that. You didn’t have to witness the birth to enjoy Bassnectar‘s brand new song.

Back in September, the producer, whose real name is Lorin Ashton, debuted a new song called “Interlock.” Later that month, it popped up again on Insomniac’s Night Owl Radio. However, up until now, there was no official version of the track.

Apparently, Bassnectar was letting some ideas brew before releasing it into the world. And we’re glad he did, because the new collaboration with ATLiens is incredible. ATLiens is a relative newcomer to the scene, but that doesn’t mean the duo doesn’t know how to bring it. The resulting work is incredibly fun. Not only does it have some jungle beats, it also has some effects that sound like a spaceship taking off.

Listen to Bassnectar’s “Interlock” here:

Two weeks ago, Bassnectar released another new song, a remix of Buku’s “Front to Back.” If he keeps going at this pace, 2017 is going to be a good year for fans. Follow him on Twitter for more updates.

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