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Nervo & Other Female EDM Artists Dish On Discrimination

Despite a growing conversation about the lack of female DJs in the EDM world, several women in the industry have spoken up to say gender hasn’t inhibited them.

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Nervo is one of the few female producers to play at top EDM shows.

Some of the women who performed at Electric Daisy Carnival in New York last week, including Miriam Nervo (who, along with her sister Olivia, makes up producer duo Nervo), discussed the amount of women playing the festival.

In total, only six women participated even though there were over 80 performers total.

“I think that sounds like a higher than normal number,” Miriam said.

She added that she and her sister hadn’t experienced much strife because of their gender. “Our experience has really been so positive from the boys,” she said.

Nicole Moudaber, who played on the MoodZONE stage at EDC New York, agreed with Nervo’s sentiments.

EDM Nervo EDMInStereo.com

Nicole Moudaber doesn’t let discrimination get in her way.

“I never even thought about it. It never really crossed my mind. I do what I do and I live in my own club in my own world, and I never had obstacles as such,” Moudaber said.

The producer expressed that music’s universality makes discrimination less of a problem. “It’s really something that I haven’t experienced to be honest. At the end of the day the music that you make has no gender, no color.

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