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Watch: The Art Of ‘Gloving’ Elevates Itself To Festival Art Form

gloving animated gif edm in stereoEDM-lovers know that it isn’t just a category of music; it’s a lifestyle. It’s a thriving subculture that lends itself to a wide array of hobbies and interests. One in particular is capturing national attention: gloving.

The name sounds vaguely like an “private” act, albeit a very safe one, but it’s anything but. Gloving, as any glover will tell you, is an artform. It’s a performance in which LED-light-equipped gloves, typically cotton, are manipulated by the wearer in what is essentially a form of dance in which most of your body is doing absolutely nothing.

Glovers train for countless hours to learn moves like “stacking,” in which the illusion is created of one hand staying in place. That one is a sight to behold.

Much of the gloving community gathers, unsurprisingly, on Reddit, where the gloving subreddit has 3,000 members. “Glovers are a community,” writes one Redditor in the group’s all-important Beginner’s Guide to Gloving. “Most glovers aren’t douchebags.” Most people out here in the general population are douchebags, so that’s good to know.


No ‘Glove’ No Love

More importantly, “do not disrespect the show.” As we all know, anything that someone spends hours of his day doing is worthy of being demonstrated and showcased for others to enjoy. Just ask video game competitors and public masturbators.

All joking aside, gloving is big business. Brian Lim, CEO of Emazing Lights, projects $12 million in sales in 2015. In addition to gloves and lights, Emazing Lights sells “I Heart Raves” boxers, glowing ties, and, for some reason, socks with moustaches on them. Talk about staying on the cutting edge of fashion.

Gloving shows are given spontaneously at shows and festivals: with your consent, of course, a glover could just walk up to you and show his or her moves. If you love hands, the shape of hands, or having hands in your face, there’s no greater pleasure.

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