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Monstercat Giving Out FREE Music For Two Weeks–Download HERE!

There’s never a bad time for free music. Canadian label Monstercat seems to agree, and is using their 5th anniversary as a label to give out a song a day for two weeks. Since we’re right in the midst of that time frame, you can grab the first five releases now.

So far, the label has released new tracks from several awesome artists. First, Ephixa, who did a collaboration with Stephen Walking, put out the track “Matches.” Up next, Stonebank released the trance song “Lift You Up.” Pegboard Nerds followed with “Blackout.” Rounding out the week were “Divided VIP” by Slips & Slurs and Rogue‘s “Imperfect Views.”


A new song is also scheduled to come out Monday through Friday of next week.

Download your free copies here.

Monstercat was formed in Vancouver by Mike Darlington and Ari Paunonen in 2011. Though they initially started as a YouTube channel meant to promote and share their friends’ music with others, they’ve since grown to be a substantial label.

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