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Moby Talks Drugs: “It’s The Dirty Secret Of The World Of Electronic Dance Music”

Everyone knows how much fun raves are. It’s a fact of life, like saying “deadmau5 has no filter on Twitter.”

But are more and more people turning to drugs to make raves a good time?

Moby EDMInStereo.com

It’s just a bit of harmless fun, right?

In a recent interview, Moby opened up on Larry King Now about how rampant drug usage in the EDM scene really is.

When asked if EDM is associated with drugs, Moby responded, “It’s sort of the dirty secret of the world of electronic dance music. I would say it’s very associated with drugs.”

He added, “If you’re at a rave and there are 50,000 people there, the number of people who are not on drugs is almost a statistical anomaly.”

Moby EDMInStereo.com

Sex, drugs and dub step are just part of the culture.

The “forefather of EDM,” as he’s been called, is not the first to notice the excessive drug culture associated with the scene. Jordan Blackburn, a young man who experienced the effects of over-usage firsthand, has attempted to combat the lack of safety by sharing his own story.

After attending an EDM show in the U.K., taking a handful of pills, and waking up in the hospital connected to all sorts of medical equipment, Blackburn discovered that his friend had died of an overdose.

Read more to check out how Blackburn tries to help others:
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