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Me-ow! Deadmau5 Countersues over Meowingtons Trademark

The claws are coming out. Deadmau5–a.k.a. Joel Zimmerman–is currently duking it out legally over the trademark of his cat’s name.

Let’s back up a little. Deadmau5 has a cat named Professor Meowingtons. A woman named Emma Bassiri has a website called Meowingtons that is completely unaffiliated with deadmau5, but sells cat-themed merchandise.

Deadmau5 Meowingtons EDMInStereo.com

Here, kitty, kitty!

Zimmerman wasn’t happy about that, but Bassiri filed a lawsuit first in an attempt to clarify her ownership of the trademark.

In the latest development, Zimmerman has filed a countersuit against Bassiri. He’s saying she’s responsible for not only trademark infringement, but also cybersquatting and unfair competition.

“Despite our clients’ efforts to resolve this amicably, the company…has been relentless, now forcing our clients to protect their trademark rights and intellectual property by filing a counterclaim,” Zimmerman’s attorney said.

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Bassiri and her team haven’t responded yet.

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