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Martin Garrix Teases New Track, Enjoys INSANE Digs at Coachella

It wouldn’t be Coachella without our favorite artists dropping new tracks left and right! Thankfully, Martin Garrix delivered. Well, at least he teased a delivery.

Martin Garrix EDMInStereo.com Coachella

What a tease.

Garrix was about halfway through his set at the Sahara tent when he switched on some new tunes. Simply titled “ID,” it’s thought to be his collaboration with Florian Picasso. Unfortunately, all traces seem to have been removed from the internet. Other sources that linked to various YouTube and Spotify tracks now show errors in their place.

Instead, we have to settle our excitement by checking out Martin Garrix’s impressive AirBnB rental. Naturally, the super talented artist needed somewhere super rad to stay during Coachella. What better than a $5 million, 3,888 square foot mega estate?

Garrix shared some pics on Instagram enjoying the amenities:

WOOO! Thanks to @Airbnb for putting us up!

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Of course, he shared some cool pics from the actual performance, too:

COACHELLAAA was this even real???!!

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But here are even more pics of the killer home:

Martin Garrix EDMInStereo.com Coachella

This definitely looks big enough for some party-throwing.

Martin Garrix EDMInStereo.com Coachella

That view!

We can definitely see why artists would want to perform at Coachella. This is living the life.

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