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Marshmello’s ‘Alone’ Hits Billboard Hot 100, New Track Out SOON!

Our favorite masked EDM star has snuck a little victory in this week! It almost slipped under the radar, but a close examination of the Billboard Hot 100 for the week reveals that Marshmello has crept his way up to the number 93 spot.

Marshmello’s song “Alone” is getting some pretty big traction. Though the song was released earlier in 2016, the music video came a while after in July, which may have helped it pick up a little bit of steam this fall.


It’s not super common for EDM songs to make the Billboard Hot 100, so the fact that Marshmello–a lesser known artist in terms of the “mainstream” sense–made it up there is pretty impressive.

He’s also got some pretty big news for the near future as well. He just posted a teaser clip of his new song with Wrabel called “Ritual” back in July. It’s supposedly going to be the first single from the EP he’s working on under Skrillex’s label OWSLA, and now it’s got an official release date.

Unfortunately, we’ve got to wait until November 1 for the new song to come out, but at least the clip shows off a little bit of what we can expect.

Plus, Marshmello himself is clearly excited about it, so it’s bound to be good.

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