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Marshmello & Martin Garrix Have Something Up Their Sleeves–A New Collab!

With a mysterious bucket on his head, Marshmello‘s identity has been a masked secret ever since he first emerged in 2015.

Marshmello Martin Garrix EDMInStereo.com

Nothing says sexy like some marshmallows.

Rumors have flown as people have tried to determine who is under the marshmallow, especially since Marshmello is widely believed to be the alias of an already well-known producer. The rapid success he’s had and interaction with other EDM A-listers point to that almost certainly being the case.

Lately, people believe Skrillex inadvertently confirmed Marshmello’s identity by answering a phone call during an interview and naming the caller “Chris,” who he then referred to as Marshmello. Fans put two and two together, and now lean towards Chris Comstock, a.k.a. Dotcom, being the man behind the mask.

Marshmello Martin Garrix EDMInStereo.com

Is it Martin Garrix under the mask?

Before that, however, many people assumed Martin Garrix was the true king of sugary treats. That rumor was debunked when they were spotted playing at two separate New Year’s Eve parties at the same time.

Garrix has been ruled out, which means it is actually possible for the two to collaborate–and they plan on doing just that, since, you know, they aren’t actually the same person.

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