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Marshmello Introduces His Mini-Me at Governor’s Ball

Mini marshmallows are delicious, but we’ve never seen a mini Mello quite like this. Marshmello was playing a huge set at the Governor’s Ball in NYC earlier this week, but he didn’t do it alone. It turns out he has his very own mini-me.

In the midst of his set, Marshmello brought out a young kid dressed up exactly like him. Yep, he even got the helmet and all white outfit. But the best part wasn’t that he looked just like the DJ standing next to him–it was his sick dance moves.

Mostly it was just a lot of hopping around, but the kid’s joy at being on stage was totally apparent.

Watch here:


This isn’t the first time the tot has appeared with Marshmello. But then, who knows if it’s even the same kid under there each time? Chances are, it is. Marshmello first introduced the tyke on Facebook, where he identified him as 3-year-old Lethan from Dallas, Texas.

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Keep on rockin’, little dude.

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