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Marshmello Gives Silent (and Hilarious) Interview to Blake Vapes

Is there anyone more outspoken than Marshmello? We kid, we kid–in reality, we’ve never heard Marshmello say a single word. Which makes his interview with Blake Vapes rather one sided, but still hilarious.

Blake Vapes is a social media influencer who got his start making satirical videos, where he parodies obsessive fans of e-cigarettes. His high-pitched voice and stoner personality have helped him gain a huge following online.

Marshmello Blake Vapes EDMInStereo.com

Marshmello with Blake Vapes.

His latest edition of his YouTube series #KILLINIT, Blake Vapes interviews one of the most mysterious figures in EDM, the masked marshmallow known as, well, Marshmello. Here’s how it goes down:

After playing a clip of Marshmello rocking out insanely, Blake Vapes asks, “Wow dude, that sh-t was lit as eff. Do you feel roasted right now, Marshmello?”

Next question: “So recently Mr. Marshmello, I was in your music video and you were in my music video. How dope was that sh-t?”

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And the final question: “So every song that you make sounds like the first day of the rest of your life. How do you make that happen dude, you don’t even have ears?”

Marshmello Blake Vapes EDMInStereo.com

The reason we aren’t including any of Marshmello’s responses to these questions is because he mostly just sat there looking straight ahead without responding. Naturally, if he said anything at all, it might give away his identity (*cough*Dotcom*cough*).

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