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Los Angeles Cracks Down on EDM Drug Deaths – What’s the Solution?

The EDM scene has faced a lot of doom and gloom in the press lately, and it’s not showing any sign of stopping. People have latched onto the deaths that have taken place at raves over the years and used it as a reason to wage war against popular EDM festivals.

No place has cracked down harder than Los Angeles. Back in 2011, Electric Daisy Carnival was booted from LA to Las Vegas because it was getting too out of hand. Now, there are still measures being taken against EDM festivals because the death rate has continued to pile up.

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EDC is one of the most massive EDM events around.

A recent article in the Guardian looked at the changes being proposed in Los Angeles in depth. The article stated that in the past 10 years, 25 people have died from drug-related complications at EDM events. Five of those deaths took place at Hard Summer last year and this year. Thanks to the negative backlash, Hard won’t even be holding its yearly Day of the Dead celebration.

The author goes on to say that many people involved in the raves refuse to take any blame–instead, they point the finger at media hyperbole and bad drug production as the culprits.

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Hard Summer continues to get criticized for its lack of safety measures.

They conclude that there are only two options left for the city. One, they’ll have to stop hosting raves, which isn’t likely. Two, they should make the events 21-plus. Considering the majority of the deaths happening over the past few years have been people younger than 21 (and, in fact, there have been no deaths at 21-plus events), then that’s the reasonable solution.

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YourEDM was less positive about the possible results, saying the task forces meant to deal with the issues like DanceSafe and Bunk Police will “only bring about more police officers, drug dogs, and an unsatisfactory dancing environment.”

Do you think there’s a good solution to all this? We’re kind of hoping people start to really take their safety seriously when it comes to doing drugs, especially if something is given to you by someone you don’t know. What will it take to get these changes started?

Source: The Guardian

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