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Listen: What So Not ‘Stranger Things’ Remix Creeps Online

It’s not just deadmau5 who’s obsessed with Netflix’s newest hit series, Stranger Things. Chris Emerson of What So Not recently showed off a little clip of his remix of the sci-fi show’s theme song.

A live rip of the remix has been released on Soundcloud, and you can listen to it here:

It’s not the greatest quality, but it does get us excited for What So Not’s newest projects. He’s recently revealed that he’ll be collaborating with Skrillex and RL Grime, and he’s also launched an EP titled Divide & Conquer.

What So Not Stranger Things EDMInStereo.com

Keep on rocking, What So Not.

Read on to watch deadmau5 recreate the entire Stranger Things theme from scratch:

By now everybody knows that Deadmau5 is a fan of speaking his mind, especially on Twitter. But that’s apparently not the only place he does whatever the heck he wants. Case in point–he spent nearly three whole hours recreating the theme song from the popular Netflix series Stranger Things.

Using only analog equipment, Deadmau5 set up a stream to Twitch that shows his entire process of creating the technological masterpiece.

To hear the music, jump to about two hours in. Otherwise, sit back and watch the master at work:

Watch live video from deadmau5 on www.twitch.tv

To compare it to the real theme used in the series, check out the main theme for Stranger Things:


So how did Deadmau5 stumble across this idea? Like always, he let loose a stream of consciousness on Twitter to explain.

Read more to see Deadmau5’s Twitter stream about his newest endeavor:
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