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Listen: ‘Star Wars Headspace’ is 1 Hour of Futuristic Fun

What happens when a bunch of Star Wars fans also happen to be EDM producers? There really is only one logical outcome: a Star Wars album must be made. The creators of Star Wars Headspace clearly were thinking the same thing.

Star Wars Headspace EDMInStereo.com

These three were totally ravers.

Star Wars Headspace was released earlier this year. Created by over 17 different artists, the album brings out the best of the Star Wars universes sounds and effects (minus the iconic John Williams soundtrack, unfortunately) to create 65 minutes of space-age bliss.

The album features 15 different songs, with titles like “C-3PO’s Plight,” “Force,” “Cantina Boys” and “EWOK PUMPP.” If the song titles weren’t enough of a selling point, the artists making these tracks are Kaskade, GTA, Baauer, Rick Rubin, Royksopp and more.

It had major potential to sound pretty great, but also pretty cheesy. Most critics agreed with that sentiment, finding the Wookiee and blaster gun sounds to be a bit on the obvious and distracting side.

Star Wars Headspace EDMInStereo.com

“How dare they say I’m distracting!”

Rolling Stone gave the album 2.5 stars out of 5, calling certain parts of Star Wars Headspace “so-so techno with goofy planet-rock rapping” and adding that some artists “seem content to throw a snatch of Vader or 3PO or Boba Fett over a pro forma hunk of electro-throb and call it a day.”

Nonetheless, it’s always fun to see a passion project take off and reach fruition. And honestly, most of the songs are pretty fun. Just like listening to a movie score can temporarily take you away into that world, Star Wars Headspace absolutely has the ability to take listeners on an imaginative journey. It’s still Star Wars, but it’s something new and vibrant as well.

You can listen to the entire album for free on Spotify and YouTube.


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