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Listen: Odesza Releases Cinematic New Single ‘Line of Sight’

It’s about time! Odesza went off the grid for a while, but now they are back with a vengeance. The Seattle based duo consisting of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight dropped their first new music in ages. Trust us–you’re going to love it.

Odesza’s newest song is called “Line of Sight.” It almost sounds like it was straight out of a movie, with a big chorus and sweeping, grand melodies. WYNNE and Mansionair give some additional vocals, which add to the epic feel.

Odesza Line of Sight EDMInStere.com

Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight are back!

“We linked up with WYNNE, and this song started out as an idea that he emailed to us,” Mills said. “We traded versions back and forth, and also sent the song to Mansionair in Australia to see if they had ideas for it. They added the backing vocals, and it fit really well with WYNNE’s lead vocal.”

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Adding other artists to the mix helped Odesza hit the grand scale they were going for. “That process of trading files with collaborators–as opposed to working in person–was something we’ve done on all our releases,” Mills added. “But since¬†In Return came out, we’ve grown a lot as musicians and producers, and feel like we’re closer than ever to making this bigger cinematic sound we have in our heads.”

Clearly, it’s working out for the best for them.

Listen to Odesza’s “Line of Sight” here:


Source: Billboard.com

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