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Listen: Gorillaz Debut New Single ahead of Album Release

Ever since Gorillaz debuted in 2001, they’ve been somewhat enigmatic. But what can we say? Music fans love a mystery. Yes, we know Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett are behind the animated quartet. But there’s still an air of secrecy around Gorillaz that makes us psyched about their latest album.

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We’re back!

Their newest work has been years in the making. In mid-2014, Albarn said he was working on writing some new music for the group. This came as a surprise, because back in 2012 he and Hewlett went their separate ways, saying future Gorillaz projects were unlikely.

By late 2016, the build-up began to escalate. They posted interactive media stories for each of the characters, got them Instagram accounts and the character Noodle even became an ambassador of Jaguar Racing.

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Finally, in January, they released their first new single, “Hallelujah Money” featuring Benjamin Clementine. After that, it was a whirlwind, so we’ll cut to the chase: The new album is titled Humanz and it’s out tomorrow!

Gorillaz’s latest promo for Humanz comes in the form of the single “The Apprentice,” which you can listen to now:


Stay tuned tomorrow–we’ll have more updates on the new album. In the meantime, check out Noodle’s Instagram here.

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