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Kygo Plays Piano for Runway Debut of Kygo Life–Get the Song HERE!

It just wouldn’t be high fashion without the glitz and glamour of a runway show. Kygo embraced the designer lifestyle when he launched his new clothing line Kygo Life. Not only did he host a spectacular runway show, he also whipped up a piano medley of his songs, which he played live as the models strutted their stuff.

“Firestone” and “Stay” both make an appearance in the new track, as well as several others. See which ones you can hear by listening to the song here:


The Norway native launched Kygo Life as part of Oslo’s fashion week, and the show was held on the roof the department store Steen & Strøm. With both male and female models, Kygo showed off his laid back, streamlined couture while he played piano from the back of the runway.

Kygo Life Piano EDMInStereo.com

One of the looks from the runway show.

Of course we love the piano medley, but what about the clothing itself? It looks extremely wearable and slightly athletic, which we can get on board with, but it would be fun to see him really go for something crazy with the Kygo Life Collection. Right now the items look a little generic, so it will be fun to see him put his own unique Kygo spin on the clothing as he grows as a designer.

Read more to see what Kygo had to say about his new line:
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