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Krewella Opens Up About Kris Trindl: ‘The Truth is Very Ugly’

Almost two years ago, Krewella, which was then made up of sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf and Kris Trindl, made headlines for their very public schism. Now, Trindl has been booted from the group, and things are finally making a recovery for the two women.

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The trio spent all hours of the day together before Trindl left.

Trindl was first ousted from the band when he missed a flight to Electric Daisy Carnival in Mexico City, where Krewella was scheduled to headline in 2014. According to Jahan and Yasmine, this incident sparked them to stage an intervention to help Trindl.

However, Trindl refused to enter treatment, and just a few short months later, he sued the two sisters for $5 million. He claimed he had been unfairly removed from Krewella and was owed his share of their future revenue.

Trindl admitted to drinking to deal with the pressure of their rising fame, but he had already completed time in rehab in 2013. He claimed that the remaining bandmates didn’t like him when he was sober and thought he had depression.

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The sisters are going to make it on their own.

As the lawsuit dragged on, the Yousafs sued Trindl in return, arguing that he had chosen to resign and that he hadn’t been doing his part to produce songs.

The argument blew up, and even deadmau5 tweeted about it–suggesting that Krewella was firing “the guy who actually does shit.”

Read more to see what Jahan and Yasmin said:

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