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Kaskade’s Sick of EDM Taking Blame for Drug Use & Abuse

There have been plenty of scary stories lately about people dying or getting injured at raves, but a recent article in the LA Times prompted Kaskade to point out that drugs aren’t only a problem at EDM festivals.

Kaskade's Sick of EDM Taking Blame for Drug Use & Abuse

Kaskade gives some thought-provoking words.

The producer posted a message on his website that fought to remind people of the facts.

“I’m not a numbers guy,” the post began. “I live for music, I might even choose to die by music, were that possible. But sometimes numbers paint a picture so let’s get smart for one second.”

He then delved into the crops of news stories that have been popping up lately. “Today an article surfaced in the LA Times, AGAIN, saying the sky is falling because of raves,” he wrote. “Its headline screams a salacious ‘After a summer of deaths, popular Halloween rave won’t be held’. Really. A summer of deaths. Really.”

Kaskade Hard Summer EDMInStereo.com

Live Nation is in the midst of being sued for deaths that occurred at Hard Summer.

And that’s not the only article that was the culprit. Kaskade’s post continues, “In a recent previous article, LA Times states, ‘There have now been at least 21 confirmed drug-related deaths among people who went to raves nationwide by Los Angeles-area companies since 2006.’ As a lover of dance music, a friend, a brother, a son, a husband, and a father, even ONE death strikes me down. But let’s not pretend this is an isolated problem, something unique to dance music culture.”

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He then gives some numbers about deaths from substance abuse, pointing out that far more people die from drunk driving every day than in an entire year of dance music shows. He uses this information to point out that the abuse of drugs and alcohol is a far bigger issue than raves.

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