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Kaskade Says EDM is Here to Stay – Suck It, Deadmau5!

As more artists continue to talk about the future of EDM, it’s sparking even more producers to come out of the woodworks to dish on their ideas about the industry. Kaskade is the latest in a string of people to speak up, and he’s siding with the optimistic crowd.

Even if some of the big festivals like TomorrowWorld are taking a break, Kaskade thinks the smaller locations have plenty of opportunity for growth.

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Kaskade is feeling good about the future.

“I feel like more and more cities, the place that I go sort of off the beaten path… okay, yeah, sure, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Chicago… but there’s more and more like Kansas City, St. Louis, Denver that are starting to have these great festivals. Places you wouldn’t expect,” Kaskade said. “I think the reason they work is they’re specific to that location and the local promoters are really starting to curate an experience that speaks to the people in that market.”

Kaskade’s chat about the future of EDM is partially coming as a response to another producer who took the opposite stance in a recent interview. Deadmau5 spoke with Rolling Stone recently and wasn’t quite so optimistic.

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