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Kaskade Pisses Off “Some Old Guy” Named (Ex-Beatle) Paul McCartney

The Old Guy: Paul McCartney

The Old Guy: Paul McCartney

As night fell, Paul McCartney graced the main stage at Lollapalooza and treated the crowd to his 1982 tribute to John Lennon, “Here Today”. He started to play, but his acoustics were overpowered by an act next door, playing 128 beats per minute- the pounding beats and bass drops from Kaskade. Paul McCartney stopped playing and joked, “I intended this. It’s like a crazy mash-up of this song and whatever shit they’re playing”.

The next morning, Kaskade opened the morning paper to find Paul McCartney’s comment about him and his music on the inside. Fortunately, he found it very funny! “I love that!”, he said, cracking up. “There’s something irreverent about electronic music, that it’s very young and youthful, so the fact that I pissed some old guy off is very funny. Life achievement unlocked.”

Paul McCartney Calls Out Kaskade at Lollapalooza

Two months later, the songs Kaskade premiered in Chicago at Lollapalooza, and a handful of others, that were just released on September 25th as his ninth album Automatic.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Kaskade says that the theme of his new album is “We Don’t Stop”. The theme is in reference to how electronic dance music has exploded over the last several years. Kaskade grew up in Chicago and was exposed to house music at a young age, but playing in front of 100,000 people at Electric Daisy Carnival still blows him away. He tells Rolling Stone, “Electronic music has always had a hard time finding an audience globally — and certainly in this country. It’s always been the outsider, and to see it be on the commercial wavelength that it’s on now — being played on the radio and finding more and more festivals — is just incredible”.

Unfortunately not everyone shares that sentiment. Some people who have been around dance music for a long time feel that it has lost some of its edge since the genre has become popular. When asked about that, Kaskade replied, “It’s cool because for the people who have been following dance music for so long…But then on the downside there’s been a lot of growing problems, and to see it stretched to try and fit in a more commercial format, it’s a little sad”.

Kaskade has high hopes for EDM. He says of the scene now, “I think we’re in a good space. The expectations have calmed down, and we’ve found our rhythm. Two, three years ago, everyone had these crazy expectations like, “Oh, you gotta pair this song with a pop star.” Like, “Ah, man, I didn’t write it for a pop star.” Now it’s time for the next wave, and I’m proud to be part of that wave. It’s good for guys like me who have been around for a long time and have a very sincere and honest sound and come from places like Chicago and Detroit, places where this music really started — not somebody from France who’s reflecting on what dance music was or is or would become”.

Kaskade has upcoming shows in Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, Boston, St. Paul, Philadelphia, New York, Dallas, Orlando, Las Vegas, Canada, and China.

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