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Kasbo Dishes on Life of EDM Industry in Sweden

When thinking about EDM, it’s hard not to think of European countries like Sweden. With so many great DJs hailing from that neck of the planet (like Avicii and the fellas of Swedish House Mafia, to name a few), Scandinavia is practically the mothership of music. But for artists like Kasbo, that’s not necessarily the case.

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Kasbo’s a firm believer in changing things up.

The Swedish DJ and producer recently participated in an interview with Westword, where he gave an inside look at how things are changing overseas. In part, he’s noticed that a lot of pop music is taking power over EDM.

“It sounds tacky, but I try not to think in genres. I believe the music is a product of what you listen to,” he said. “I feel distanced from that ‘EDM’ term.”

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Rather than focusing on trying to fit a certain style, he listens to anything that inspires him, be it hip-hop or indie music or whatever.

“We definitely have Swedish House Mafia and Avicii…but I feel like it’s kind of dying down.” Thankfully, Kasbo is taking an optimistic outlook on that. “For me, I’m not forced to have a trendy sound and can focus on doing my own thing,” he said.

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Whatever he’s up to is working for the fans!

Fans are appreciating that openness, too. Just because a DJ is steering away from strict “EDM” doesn’t mean they can’t have a place in the dance music atmosphere. In his performance at Decadence, he infused trance, hip-hop, dance, house and indie music into his set.

Though at this point we’re getting a little tired of the doom and gloom attitude about the future of EDM, it’s refreshing to see a DJ like Kasbo who can build on new influences and still be making music the EDM crowd goes wild for.

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