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Jauz Drops New Remix in Honor of Shark Week

It’s Shark Week, and that’s exciting for a multitude of reasons. First, it’s a week filled with sharks on TV. That speaks for itself. Second, we got to see Michael Phelps race a shark. Even though he lost, it was still cool. Third, Jauz is using this opportunity to release an insane new remix. After all, the shark is his spirit animal.

Jauz EDMInStereo.com Shark Week


With a name like Jauz, it’s pretty easy to see that the producer is a fan of the underwater monstrosities. If his name itself weren’t enough, his branding has been loaded up with illustrations of sharks.

He announced his new track on Twitter, calling it a SharkTreat (heh).

You can listen to the full track on Soundcloud and, of course, right here:

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