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Jack Ü & Justin Bieber Hit Climbs To Triple Platinum

Congratulations are in order for Jack Ü and Justin Bieber, who have hit the big time with their track “Where R Ü Now.” The single has now gone triple platinum, meaning it has moved over 3 million units, with a unit counting for either one paid download or 150 streams.

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Justin Bieber, Skrillex and Diplo show each other some love.

Jack Ü, made up of members Skrillex and Diplo, launched onto the scene in 2013, but their debut album Take Ü There wasn’t released until February 2015.

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Diplo’s other outfit Major Lazer had featured Skrillex before Jack Ü was formed, so the pair knew they would make a good team. Diplo has said that “Skrillex was one of the first producers I met when I moved to LA…we just have always been really close musically with our ideas.”

Add in one teenage pop sensation, and they clearly had a recipe for success.

Jack Ü Justin Bieber EDMInStereo.com

Recipe for success: two EDM stars plus a teen pop sensation equals triple platinum.

The track “Where Are Ü Now” was released in 2015 at Ultra Music Festival, when Skrillex brought Diplo and Bieber onstage to perform the song live.

In addition to going triple platinum, the single has had numerous other recognitions. In 2015, it won “Collaboration of the Year” at the American Music Awards. The year following, the track took home a Grammy for “Best Dance Recording.”

This is pretty big news for EDM artists, who seem to be having an especially good year. In fact, the Coachella lineup not only features several EDM artists, but Calvin Harris has also become the first EDM artist to nab one of the top three headlining spots.

We can expect loads more coming from Jack Ü, since they currently have a new EP being mastered. No word on the timeline for the release, however. In the meantime, you can catch Jack Ü at Coachella this month.

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