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Is Texas the New EDM Hotspot?

Las Vegas, Belgium, Miami…these are all places that have humongous EDM festivals. So why did Thump just declare Texas of all places the “next big EDM capital?”

We don’t mean any hate towards Texas. We love our Texas friends as much as anyone. It’s just that Texas hasn’t exactly had the most booming EDM scene in the past. However, that doesn’t mean things can’t change. Thump makes a pretty convincing argument that Texas is ripe for the EDM taking.

Texas EDM EDMInStereo.com

More of this? Yes, please!

First off, there are a ton of people in the state and very few festivals. That means the ones that do hit up the state have plenty of people wanting to come. In fact, three of Texas’ cities rank in the top ten in the US in population. Houston has two million residents, while San Antonio and Dallas each have about 1.5 million.

Next, Thump points out that Texans have no qualms about traveling. The festival is a 10-hour drive away? No problem, road trip time!

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