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Is Jack Ü Over? Skrillex Tweets Some Bad, Bad News

Wait, what? Is Jack Ü really going on hiatus? Say it ain’t so! Skrillex, who makes up half or the Jack Ü crew along with his pal Diplo, tweeted out some information that could be seen as bad, bad news for one of our favorite EDM duos.

However, there’s a whole lot of uncertainty swirling around, so we’re trying to make sense of it. Here’s what happened:

Skrillex tweeted something that seemed to hint at Jack Ü taking a break. “Just did out Last jack Ü festivals of 2016 …and for a long long time. ???????????????????????? thank you for all the people who came out to support us,” the tweet read.

However, it seems that tweet was deleted because all that remains on Skrillex’s account about the tour ending is a handful of photos and a short statement.

So what did Skrillex mean in the Tweet, and why did he delete it? There are a few options for what it could have meant. First, he specified “festivals” in the tweet. Maybe he really meant just festivals, and that Jack Ü would continue to play shows and even tour. Second, he could have really meant the news to be as bad as it sounds, that Jack Ü was done for good.

On the other hand, since he deleted the tweet, maybe he realized that his message came across the totally wrong way and he never intended to get people psyched out about Jack Ü leaving the EDM game. Another possibility is that he deleted it because he didn’t mean for the news to be released so soon.


Basically, we’re driving ourselves crazy going around and around trying to figure out what the heck he really meant, and we can only speculate. In the meantime, we hope Skrillex or Diplo clears things up as soon as possible so we can continue to enjoy Jack Ü without fear of losing them.

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