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Is Getter Calling It Quits? He Is NOT Happy

Uh-oh. Another electronic artist is officially ditching the EDM scene. Though Getter has had a pretty good sense of humor about the industry, he’s finally fed up.

After getting in a spat with another Twitter user, he said he’s calling it quits. Evidently, it all started with a user named “neightball” harassing him. It looks like Getter’s tweet calling him out has since been deleted, but, naturally, somebody grabbed a screenshot.

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Shortly after that, he posted this tweet:

From there, it was a string of angry tweets:

Let’s hope this was just a heat of the moment kind of thing and not a permanent decision. Then again, if Getter’s not happy, he should go do his thing.

By the way, Getter himself actually responded to the idea that all this was sparked by that one fan.

No matter what prompted it, it’s pretty clear Getter’s not pleased.

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