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Insomniac’s New Festival Location REVEALED!

Imagine if the Renaissance Festival got a major EDM makeover. That might be what we’re dealing with for Insomniac‘s newest festival, Middlelands!

After teasing a new festival location for 2017, Insomniac has unveiled that Middlelands will take place in Todd Mission, Texas. There aren’t specific dates yet, but the artwork looks a lot like a medieval castle with a knight protecting the towers.

Middlelands Insomniac EDMInStereo.com

Let’s get medieval!

We can’t wait to see what people wear for this and what special events they’ll have going on. Sign up for email updates on Middlelands’ website to keep in the loop.

Read on to see a tease of the location:

Is this heaven? Is there really a new Insomniac festival coming in 2017?

Insomniac Electric Daisy Carnival EDMInStereo.com

Insomniac apparently can do no wrong when it comes to festivals.

Pasquale Rotella, CEO and founder of Insomniac Events, posted a video on Snapchat which he then circulated to his other social media outlets, including Instagram. The video shows a beautiful pine forest on a flat plain. It’s caption simply reads, “New Venue. New Festival in 2017” along with the heart-eyes emoji. Take a look at the video:

Little else is known about what kind of festival it will be, but given that Insomniac Events is the promoter behind Electric Daisy Carnival and Beyond Wonderland, there’s a really good chance it will be EDM focused. As far as where this mysterious location actually is, Rotella has stayed silent. However, ravers are taking stabs at guessing the locale on Twitter. Read more to see their guesses:

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