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Insomniac Shoots Back on Prescription Drug Lawsuit

After yet another lawsuit was filed against Insomniac, the production company is firing back.

In May, a civil rights advocate named Jonathan Corbett wrote a blog post detailing his positive experiences with Electric Daisy Carnival, but griping that their policy on prescription drugs was inefficient. Insomniac’s current policy requires anyone wanting to bring a prescription drug into the festival to provide a physical prescription and explain their need for the medication to a safety official.

Corbett’s blog resulted in him filing a¬†lawsuit against Insomniac, stating that the policy makes it so that many people can’t attend EDC, and that if they do, their health could be put at risk.

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Electric Daisy Carnival is one of the biggest festivals put on by Insomniac.

Initially, Insomniac’s attorney brushed off the claims, saying Corbett would be “sanctioned for his frivolous lawsuit if he refuses to dismiss it.” However, now Insomniac is filing for summary judgment, which would essentially get the suit thrown out of court.

Here’s what Insomniac’s attorneys wrote in their petition:

In responses to defendants’ discover, plaintiff has refused to disclose a medical condition impacted by these 2016 policies. Moreover, as plaintiff has refused to disclose whether or not plaintiff uses, or intends to use, illegal drugs, it is reasonable to assume that this is merely an attempt to have a federal court strike a reasonable safety policy designed to protect against deaths from illegal drugs. It is hard to envision a clearer abuse of the ADA statute and the jurisdiction of this court.

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In other words, Insomniac’s team is still not happy about the turn of events. At the very least, maybe this will make them think about revamping their policies on prescription medicine so that those who truly need them won’t be impeded.

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